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Office Move Tips PDF Print E-mail

Moving an office can be stressful.  Use these tips to eliminate downtime and stabilize your productivity before, during, and after your move!


  • Appoint one person from your company to plan and organize your upcoming move. A Pro Moving & Storage office and industrial specialist will work directly with your move manager to streamline the move process.
  • Create a guide for your move. A Pro Moving & Storage office and industrial specialist will work closely with you to create a guide for your employees detailing all the procedures to follow, and what to expect from their movers.
  • Get familiar with your new location. Take measurements of your new work space to be sure your current furniture will fit.
  • Make a floor plan. Decide where you would like your furniture to go in your new work space and make it available to your Pro Moving & Storage representative.
  • Label all furniture, equipment, and boxes. Pro Moving & Storage can provide colored labels to be placed on each piece of furniture being moved.  When used in conjunction with your employees floor plans, labels will further streamline the move process.
  • Pack. Be sure to remove all items from bookcases, desks, wall units, and shelves.  Pack these items in a securely in a sealed and labeled box.
  • Filing Cabinets: 4 drawer filing cabinets must be unpacked.  Vertical files and 2-drawer lateral files may remain full.  Lateral files- all drawers except the bottom two must be emptied.
  • Move personal possessions yourself: Move Legal documents, pictures, money, plants, and other personal possessions yourself.  Movers will not take responsibility for these items.  Please feel free to ask your office and industrial specialist for tips on packing these special items.
  • Computers: Disconnect and dismantle computers properly.  Pro Moving & Storage will provide static free bags for your keyboard and other accessories.   Label these items well, as they will be placed on a computer cart with other computers and accessories.
  • Leaving items behind: It is common for items to be left behind on office and industrial moves.  Be sure to clearly label them with the words DO NOT MOVE to avoid confusion.