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Move Preparation Guidelines PDF Print E-mail
  • Large wooden or metal floor lamps can be moved without boxing them.
  • All ceramic and glass lamps and any small wooden and metal lamps must be boxed.
  • All lamp shades must be boxed.
  • Dressers do NOT need to be emptied (clothing and fabric only).
    • All breakables must be removed from dresser drawers.
    • All miscellaneous items must be emptied into a box (pencils, etc).
  • All boxes MUST be closed and sealed. We will not move boxes without tops or with items sticking out of the top
  • Please label in large, bold lettering with the name of the room the boxes should go to at the new home.
  • Condense several tiny boxes into one larger box to make the loading process more efficient.
  • Hot Tubs MUST be drained and disconnected and ready to pick up and move.
  • Pool Tables MUST be broken Down. Pro Moving does not disassemble or reassemble pool tables. Pool table companies will disassemble, move (locally only) and reassemble them for one fee, making it unnecessary to pay Pro Moving to move them. If the move is not local (usually beyond 20 miles) the pool table company will crate the table for the movers.
  • Linens are very good materials to use for packing around lamps and other breakables.
  • Luggage makes a good box to carry clothing and other items, cutting down on the number of boxes you need.
  • You will need one wardrobe box for every two feet of rod space in your closets when moving hanging clothing y ou do not want to fold and box.
  • All stereo and video components must be disconnected and boxed.
  • Plasma and LCD TVs must be boxed and carefully and thoroughly marked with "fragile" and "this side up" markings very clearly visible. The original packaging is the very best way to move these items. (If a plasma TV is laid down flat or turned upside down, it display swirl patterns all over the screen which will never go away).
  • Computer components must be disconnected and boxed. Monitors can be moved without being in a carton unless it's an LCD flat screen. Those must be boxed.
  • Marble, glass, and granite table tops, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and other artwork must be crated to protect them from damage. Pro Moving can carry them without crating but the insurance will only cover them at $.60 per pound when not crated for transportation.
  • Large glass table tops and mirrors must be boxed or crated to be covered by insurance. This includes any valuable sculptured glass table tops, etc.
  • Although not required, breaking down the beds and baby cribs also saves time on move day.
  • Smaller pictures can be packed in medium to large boxes by standing them upright and placing newsprint paper or bubble wrap in between them. DO NOT lay them flat as they will be more likely broken in this position.
  • Movers cannot carry propane tanks, compressed gases, flammable liquids, hazardous chemicals, ammunition, and other explosives, firearms, paint, liquor, and liquids of any kind.
  • Gas dryers must be disconnected prior to move day. Pro Moving cannot disconnect gas connections.
  • Dishpack boxes are double thickness cardboard and a larger size. This is to allow plenty of room for packing materials around breakables, NOT to allow a higher quantity of heavy dishes to be placed in each box.
  • Payment in full at conclusion of job - we accept Cash, Certified Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.
  • Lawnmowers and other gas-powered machines must be drained of all gasoline and oil.
  • Crews accept tips for a job well done (at customers discretion).